Welcome to Colouring London

This is the place to discuss everything to do with the Colouring London project, building data, city data, fantastic applications and beautiful maps and visualisations.

Colouring London is a citizen social science project designed crowdsource and visualise twelve categories of information about London’s buildings. Read more about the project or join in the discussion here.

Looking forward to hearing and reading more about this fantastic project. Are there any other countries or cities that are carrying out this activity?

This particular project is focussed on London - but we’re drawing on plenty of sources for inspiration.

There’s a great article in Wired from 2013 that links to building age maps for a number of cities, including Portland, New York, Ljubljana and all of the Netherlands.

There’s also a long tradition of visualising building data in London - for example, Charles Booth’s late 19th century London Poverty Maps.