Multiple building footprint selection?

Suggestion - Colouring London is going to need a lot of volunteer editing, but often a volunteer will know something about a medium-large set of adjacent buildings, e.g. that they are all semi-detached houses built in 1934-6. There really needs to be a way of selecting a group of properties (shift+click or drawing a polygon) and then applying the same edits to all the buildings enclosed. Unless I’m missing something that can’t be done at present and ultimately could be a killer in terms of whether or not a future edit system would achieve large-scale coverage?

Actually, this would be even more useful for editing complex single buildings that are made up of multiple polygons!

Thanks very much for your comment. Yes we’re developing a multiple selection tool which will allow you to copy an edit and click along a series of buildings. We’ve got it working on ‘like me’ so you can see what you think. We’ve also incorporated a copy tool on other categories category - but we’ve realised that we need to change this to allow you to select all the subcategories you want and then copy all these across so this needs more work. We looked at the idea of enabling users to select a large group but decided against it to minimises malicious behaviour - so someone can’t just highlight random areas and put incorrect info across many streets with very little effort. Also if you can copy large areas at once a lot of detail may be missed. However totally agree it has to be faster to keep motivation up. We would be very interested to have your feedback on the click to copy operation of the Like me button , and on the multiple selection copy tool when it is up - this one will probably take a few weeks. Many thanks for taking the trouble to suggest design improvements.