Hi, is anyone else currently contributing?

I came across this website aprroximately a year ago. I’d always been interested in the age of buildings around where I grew up (Wembley,Kingsbury, Harrow) and so began colouring in the history view.
I’d like to know if there are any other active users and what future the site has.
Kind regards

Hi Chris, thanks for posting here, and for your contributions!

Have you seen the leaderboard - it looks like you’re the top contributor recently, but there are other people who’ve edited in the last thirty days: Colouring London

We’re still working on the site and related research - also collaborating to start developing “Colouring Cities” sites in other cities around the world - including Australia, Germany and Indonesia.

Do you have any requests or suggestions from having contributed so much?

Thanks again,
Tom (one of the researchers/developers who’s worked on it)

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the prompt response, and good news that the project is progressing and thank you for making it available.

I do have one suggestion for a feature that I think can speed up contributions. As I say I have mostly been adding building history in the north west suburbs, where a lot of buildings were freshly built in one go, for example, the inter-war semis. Currently I select one building at a time in a street that I know will all have the same data. It would be useful to have a group select facility so the data for the selection can be entered in one go. The group select could be via holding the Ctrl key. One issue would be if the selection already contains data, so perhaps initially only buildings with no data could be group selected.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards


Yes, it’s something we’ve tried to address in a different way using the “copy” link/button, but it’s not so easy to discover how to use:

  • click a building whose dates you know, edit and save as usual
  • click “copy” (next to “info” in the coloured bar)
  • expand subsections and check or uncheck the fields you want to copy to other buildings
  • click “copy selected”
  • this should deselect the building and show the fields and values that you are about to copy/paste
  • click on other buildings, e.g. in the same block, to colour them in and save those values
  • click “back to view” when done

Thanks Tom. Yes, that works well. I should have spotted that.
Hopefully that will accelerate my progress!

I’ll keep an eye out for other ideas, issues and problems but I’d to say what a great resource it is and what a great idea to open it up to all comers. I hope it snowballs.

Kind regards


Hi Chris I also just wanted to thank you very much for your contributions. And to say that the Age Category has now become Age and History so that Colouring London contributors interested in building history can more easily additional information - e.g. construction and demolition dates for all buildings ever built on a site which eventually we hope to animate. We have also added the OS 1890s historical map from the NLS collection and you’ll soon be able to click on the red current footprints and click and colour those that have survived. It would be great to have your thoughts on other features/layers that you think might be of use/interest as you go. Our aim in the Age and History section is to provide a free visual canvas for anyone interested building history, and a means by which their knowledge can be visualised shared more widely, and used within sustainability science. (. Spatial statistics on building age are critical for us to collect so we can move towards more accurate analysis of energy and waste flows within buildings stocks, and forecastingof long-term dynamic behaviour ). Thank you again! best wishes Polly

Thanks Polly. That’s a terrific amount of ideas and developments you mention.

The building age is particularly interesting because the massive amount of building stock in Metroland is approaching a hundred years old now and it is interesting to see how that ageing stock will be maintained into the future. The other feature of Metroland is the vast majority of buildlings are the first to be built on their site, but the having a record of the buildings on a site will be a great resource.

I’ve had a look at the historical overlay. Very interesting and the NLS collection has been a great resource for me too. Keep it coming out to the suburbs!

Kind regards